Patient Results:Arthritis

  • I, Col. Bob Waller (age 80), have been in excellent shape the majority of my life.  I have played college and military football and have been an active athlete.   As I have aged, arthritis has attacked my body leaving me to the point I could barely walk due to severe low back, hip, knee, and ankle pain.  I have been advised surgery is the option for me to get better, but I chose another route.  I was referred to Advantage Physical Therapy to try conservative treatment.  I have been doing aquatic therapy 3x/ week including walking on their underwater treadmill, and this group of therapists have made more of a positive impact on my mobility, pain levels, and general function than any place I have ever been.  They have kept me out of surgery and I attribute my longevity and improved life quality to Ron, Estee, Christy, and the staff at Advantage.  I know my arthritis is not going to improve, but they keep me moving and feeling younger than when I first began therapy here.  I believe I owe my ongoing mobility, energy levels, and overall positive health to the staff at Advantage Physical Therapy, and I highly recommend them to everyone I know suffering from debilitation arthritis, balance issues, general weakness, and debility.  Thank you all so much for keeping an old Army Colonel feeling younger and more active!

    Bob Waller, US Army Col. (ret)