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Over the past decade managed care has drastically changed the way physical therapy services are rendered. As reimbursement declines and insurers assume more control over the direction of physical therapy services, many clinics have been forced to increase the amount of patients seen by the physical therapists. To meet these demands, physical therapists are delegating more and more patient care to less qualified ancillary personnel. This means that your patients are not receiving the one-on-one care with a licensed physical therapist that is necessary to achieve optimum treatment outcomes.

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What is an Osteopractor?

The term Osteopractor literally translates to “bone practitioner”, and Osteopractors are highly trained in diagnosing and treating most neuro-muscluo-skeletal disorders.

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  • I am a huge fan of Advantage Physical Therapy! Ron and Estee are great physical therapists that have helped me tremendously to be able to live my life with less pain. One of the things that I think is so great about their practice is that they don’t just treat you for the short term, but they give you the means to continue to improve your quality of life over time. I count Ron and Estee, and all of the Advantage Physical Therapy staff as a blessing in my life!

    Margaret Craig
  • I have used Advantage Physical Therapy twice in the last six months for two different issues. The staff is professional, courteous, and they just make it a joy to go to. The knowledge base of the owners, Ron and Estee, is impressive and extensive. I so appreciate the alternative treatments such as dry needling and spinal manipulation, as well as, the traditional PT treatments, and to receive it all under one roof is a huge bonus and definite convenience. I have highly recommended Advantage Physical Therapy to many and will continue to do so:).

    Robin Bradley

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We welcomed Dr. Ron Pavkovich and Dr. Jacob Miles to the studio today to educate us all on the current opioid epidemic and the role Physical Therapists play in pain management.
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